Rack Project

Bike racks are important.  If you can't secure your bike where you need to go, you are probably just going to drive a car.  Bicycle theft is all too common.  I'm creating a project to list businesses and locations in Garland with bicycle racks.   I'm also considering locations that have adequate railing or other objects that a bike can bike secured to.  The requirements for non-bike rack objects are that they are convenient to use, can accommodate u-locks, and are secure themselves.

If you know of any, please drop a note in the comment box.  We'll try to get a photo and post it on this page.  -Jared

I've also created a Google map with rack locations found.  I have a few on there already.

View Garland Bike Racks in a larger map

A fellow cyclist pointed out these steel loops that can be found at QT stations.  They weren't put in to be bike racks, but you'd never know it.

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