Southeast Garland and White Rock Lake

DART Blue Line

North Garland Map and Surrounding Bike Trails.

Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail
This map was made by riding it with the help of my smart phone.  To get the whole thing mapped, I had to double back a few sections, so it's not really 8.15 miles of concrete.  Surprisingly, I couldn't find any maps online of the entire trail from end to end, so I decided to make this one.   Also, I placed water fountain locations on the map.  -Jared

Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail PDF
To view the above MapMyRIDE map in full detail, you must have a MapMyRIDE account.  In case anyone doesn't want to create one, I made a map in PDF format with enlarged sections.
Click here for the PDF Map

Garland's (only?) Designated Bike Route

South Garland to White Rock Lake
This is a low traffic route from my neighborhood to White Rock Lake.  Credit for this route goes to Mike McNair (MMACH5) who gave this to me when the old DORBA site was still up.
Click here for the interactive Google map.  Click here for the PDF version.
Tip:  If coming off the Duck Creek Greenbelt Trail, turn right at Cornerstone and left up Larchbrook to avoid Oates and traffic signals.

North East Garland to Downtown Garland
Here's how the Witch on a Bicycle gets downtown.