BFG Goals and Policies

Bike Friendly Garland: Goals and Policies


- To improve and facilitate bicycle ridership within the City of Garland.

- To raise awareness about cyclists on the road. To educate cyclists, pedestrians and motorists about our sharing the use of the road with one another.

- To increase ridership by outlining current bike friendly, low traffic areas and sharing our routes with the public.

- To promote our rights to the road as cyclists as protected by the State of Texas.

- To find where improvements in transportation and infrastructure can be made to make roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

- To cooperate and seek cooperation from the City of Garland to make the necessary infrastructure improvements.

- To connect the city of Garland through a bikeway system that includes bike lanes, share the road signs, multi-use pathways and existing trail systems.

- To revitalize community centers and encourage transit oriented developments.

- To make a more united Garland through cycling.

BFG Operating Policy:

We are a group of volunteers providing a service to the community that is free of charge. Therefore, we do not participate in collections, pledges, fundraisers, nor are there any member fees for associating with Bike Friendly Garland. All members and those who participate will contribute on a volunteer, unpaid basis. We understand there are city and government programs that will employ surveyors to map out pathways and conceptualize facilities for cyclists and pedestrians. Individual members can be approached for such opportunities. However,  they do not represent the opinions or actions of Bike Friendly Garland as a group, nor is Bike Friendly Garland accountable for any compensation any individual members receive.

Bike Friendly Garland is eager to work with the City of Garland and seek their support on this most important issue. We want to highlight all of the positive transportation improvements being made for cyclists as the city makes them. Bike Friendly Garland does not advertise or endorse candidates for office nor does it reflect the views of any candidate, current or running for office in the future. In compliance with only being a volunteer group, we do not participate or intervene in political campaigns or elections for public office. Bike Friendly Garland stays clear of making statements that will sway public opinion in favor or against any candidate running for a public office in Garland. Individual members may choose to participate in city council policy making decisions. However, they do not represent the opinions of all Bike Friendly Garland members. Bike Friendly Garland is about changing attitudes, allowing those in office to meet the demand and in turn change policy. We are confident that by changing public perception of bicycling, this will mean progress and the City of Garland will stand behind it.

Anyone may help to promote Bike Friendly Garland as long as they maintain an honest and positive image of our group and material.  This includes any of the existing bike friendly groups who wish to advertise us on their page. Bike Friendly Garland explicitly prohibits the use of any material to be used for derogatory or defamatory purposes. This includes the Bike Friendly Garland website, content, images, logo, and names of members involved.  It also prohibits plagiarism of our articles and other content.

Group Rides

As a reminder, please note that all who wish to participate are responsible for their safety and actions on the road. Please stay with the group. If there are physical limitations that prevent you from participating, please refrain from doing so. All who wish do participate on our group rides do so at their own risk and expense. Bike Friendly Garland nor any of it's members will be held accountable for any injury as a result of any participants. This is a public notice that serves to limit our organizers from any liability of injury. Bike Friendly Garland exercises it's right to assemble as a group of individuals  to peacefully promote the health of our community. We do not represent a legal or financial entity which can be held accountable for losses.

We want to extend a welcome to all interested in joining and supporting this wonderful group. All who wish to do so will find that their time is well invested. Bicycle lanes as well as other improvements are known to increase home property values and spur economic growth and development. They draw in a younger workforce and the companies who employ them. They contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and making for a healthier environment and population overall. It is our hope that you can join our cause.


Bike Friendly Garland