About BFG

Welcome To Bike Friendly Garland

Bike Friendly Garland is a group of  highly self motivated people living within the city of Garland, Texas. The purpose of Bike Friendly Garland is to raise awareness within the community that it is possible to get around the city by bicycle. With aids such as the DART rail system and supporters of other bicycle friendly cities, Bike Friendly Garland intends to capitalize on the momentum and success that other bicycle friendly communities, such as Richardson and Oak Cliff, have been able to achieve in such a short period of time. When people have neighborhoods and communities that are accessible by bicycle, those communities grow stronger and quality of life starts to improve.

This is  a grass roots, volunteer service that we provide to the community for the benefit of everyone. You can visit our website and view bicycle routes around Garland, see what new alternative transportation developments are available, and see what it is like for other cyclists living in Garland. This is a place where all local cyclists can come together in solidarity. There will be group rides scheduled in the future, stay tuned as we continue to seek support from local businesses that can sponsor our cause.