Monday, October 7, 2013

The City of Garland Addresses Bicycle Safety: See Video


Bike Friendly Garland would like to thank the City of Garland for their efforts to make this instructional video addressing the concerns of cyclists as well as tips on how both motorists and cyclists can share the road and be safe. Please check out this 23 minute video that includes highlights from conversations from our BFG contributors.   


  1. Just a couple of quibbles, the lane width that cyclists may take the lane is defined as 14 feet in 551.103, and cyclists may ride the inside lane as required to make a left turn or if the outside lane will be going away for a right turn only lane, or if there is a curbed or grassy median separating oncoming traffic, also in 551.103. Given the number of outside lanes that are less than 14 feet from lane marker to first obstruction, while in Garland you can pretty much take the lane everywhere with or without a sign saying you can. Richardson has the same situation and places the "Bicycles may take full lane" signs at the city limits to cover the entire city.

  2. So I've scoured the city's web page and can't find a map of the streets with lanes, routes, ect. Anyone have the link?

  3. MTBiker,

    This post has an image of the map. I'll see if I can find a link to this on the city of Garland's Web site.