Friday, May 17, 2013

Bike To Work Day Recap

This morning, Bike Friendly Garland helped out at the DART Downtown Garland Station Bike Commuter Recharge Station.  Along with myself, Robert Cherry came out for BFG, and Mike McNair came out representing both BFG and DORBA.  Coffee was generously donated by the excellent Generator Coffee House just down the street in Downtown Garland.  Cliff Bars and KIND Energy Snacks pitched in as well, so we were well stocked for food.  Free bike tuneups and light repairs were provided by Don Johle's Bike World.  Good thing for that, because some people needed it!

DART, BikeDFW, and the city of Garland provided information, water bottles, t-shirts, bagels, and a lot of employees to make the event successful.  Garland's Transportation and Parks and Recreation Departments made a great showing, and really made an impression.  Let me just say that the DART and Garland employees we met were enthusiastic and on task.  I can tell that they love their jobs, and really believe in what they are doing.  That is refreshing and heartening.  Garland has some good people working hard to make things better.

BikeDFW played a significant role in organizing the event.  Most of the coordination between groups was facilitated by them.  They made sure we had food, water, volunteers, and bike maintenance on site.  The Recharge Stations wouldn't have been a success without them.  

There were a fair amount of people on bikes today.  Honestly, more than i expected to see.  People from all walks of life, and on all kinds of bikes.  Lots more people got to hear about cycling as a mode of transportation, and what DART and the City of Garland are doing to make that more accessible.  And you always meet interesting people near public transportation! 

Here's some more pictures below.  Hopefully others will share theirs.  Most of mine turned out not so good.  -Jared

Lucky day!  This gentleman is a daily bike commuter, and he had a flat this morning.

Opus, glad you could make it out!


  1. Ugh! That picture makes me look like a circus tent with legs. ;)

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