Friday, March 8, 2013

Bike Friendly Garland Weekly Rides

As the yo-yo Texas weather starts to let up around the Springtime, we are now about to have a window of a few months before the furnace known as summer comes along. With that being said we would like to kick off some weekly rides starting next week as long as the weather is permitting (no "official" rides will be done on rainy days).

Bike Friendly Garland is looking for volunteers to lead out group rides during the week through Garland and into other destinations from Garland. On our itinerary is  a weekend ride to White Rock Lake, a ride to Sunnyvale, a night time ride, and possibly another themed ride. Anyone with the time who knows a bike route around Garland and would like to lead a ride is welcome to do so. All who wish to do so may send me a personal message to johnyace6(at) When approved, we will post all rides on our Events tab and we will create an event for the ride on our Facebook page.

I will be hosting a ride on Sunday mornings at 9:00am from Windsurf Bay Park to other destinations in Garland. The routes will vary each week and it will be set up as a ride to explore around Garland and the surrounding areas. Rides will be at a leisurely pace and up to four hours long. Rides may end much sooner depending on the group needs and general pace that the group wishes to ride. The ride will be a great opportunity to bring that vintage bicycle, hybrid or second bike that isn't being raced on. Anything goes and everyone is welcome to bring what they have for the occasion. I will post any updates or cancellations on our Facebook page. Please subscribe to our page by clicking on the highlighted link.

Time to dust off that winter form and go riding! See you next Sunday!


Please read the notice before deciding to participate on our weekly group rides.

As a reminder, please note that all who wish to participate are responsible for their safety and actions on the road. Please stay with the group. If there are physical limitations that prevent you from participating, please refrain from doing so. All who wish do participate on our group rides do so at their own risk and expense. Bike Friendly Garland nor any of it's members will be held accountable for any injury as a result of your participation. This is a public notice that serves to limit our organizers from any liability of injury. Bike Friendly Garland exercises it's right to assemble as a group of individuals  to promote the health of our community. We do not represent a legal or financial entity which can be held accountable for losses.