Saturday, February 2, 2013

Traffic Skills 101 Class Summary

We had a great turnout at our traffic skills class today. We got to brush up on our vehicular cycling skills and learn some new ones. The morning session got off to a great start with our instructors bringing us some much needed coffee and breakfast. The morning program included drills on hand signaling, emergency stopping and turning, bicycle maintenance, lane control, as well as other tips on how to survey our surroundings while keeping control of our bicycle. The afternoon session put to practice on the road what we had learned with a short ride around Garland.

Bike Friendly Garland would like to thank all the instructors who took the time to teach today as well as members of Bike Friendly Richardson who made a showing and collaborated in the teaching effort. Special thanks to Don Jolhe's Bike World for allowing us to use their shop as a meeting place and DART rail for allowing us to set the obstacle course on their transit center. It was a very successful event, and we look forward to having more events like these on our calendar in the future.