Monday, December 16, 2013

64 Mile Bicycle Trail Being Planned to Join Dallas and Fort Worth

There's a 64 Mile bike trail in the works? Awesome!
Picture courtesy of Amanda Wilson, North Central Texas Council of Governments

I recently recieved some information about a joint city and county plan to connect existing bicycle and pedestrian paths between Dallas and Fort Worth. This plan sounds like it has the potential to really increase bicycle ridership and make transportation alternatives like cycling in North Texas a truly tangible reality rather than a novel concept or an idealistic vision. We are seeing city leaders really taking initiatives to make this happen. As a cyclist who has ridden the majority of the trails between Dallas and Fort Worth I couldn't be more excited at the prospect of an unbroken trailway between the two cities.  Here is an excerpt from the NCTCOG website...

The $30 million plan would involve using regional and local funding over the next several years to build approximately 24 additional miles of trails to create the continuous network, providing easier access to parks, nature areas, schools and neighborhoods in the five cities. The expansion would build on what is already available for cyclists and pedestrians. 

About 30 miles of the trail corridor is complete, and an additional 10 miles has funding for construction. Once this corridor is finished, numerous north-south connections could be developed, providing access to other communities.

The completed trail corridor would showcase the region’s unique assets while providing transportation and recreation facilities for residents and tourists. It would provide several connections to Trinity Railway Express commuter rail stations in Fort Worth, Irving and Dallas. 

The mayors will work to coordinate efforts between the cities, NCTCOG and the Regional Transportation Council to identify funding and plan for completing critical trail connections. They also pledged to pursue branding and promotional efforts for the corridor, possibly including a naming competition involving the communities.  

The name of the corridor has yet to be determined, but the planners are considering a naming competition involving the cities which the trail will run through. It's a great thing that communities are coming together to create an asset that will make this part of North Texas a more desirable place to live. We all look forward to seeing a fulfillment of this plan sometime in the near future.


Monday, October 7, 2013

The City of Garland Addresses Bicycle Safety: See Video


Bike Friendly Garland would like to thank the City of Garland for their efforts to make this instructional video addressing the concerns of cyclists as well as tips on how both motorists and cyclists can share the road and be safe. Please check out this 23 minute video that includes highlights from conversations from our BFG contributors.   

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Updates on the Mesquite Heritage Trail

Updates on the Mesquite Heritage Trail, soon to link to the Duck Creek Greenbelt

Picture courtesy of Stephen Hazelton

Picture courtesy of Stephen Hazelton

Picture courtesy of Stephen Hazelton

This pictures were taken by one of our Facebook followers from our Bike Friendly Garland page. The Mesquite Heritage trail system is well underway, with about 60% of trail already laid down. The trail is soon to connect to the existing Duck Creek Greenbelt at interstate 30. When this happens, the trail is expected to run all the way to town east boulevard, and will be a great destination to get to the shopping mall by bike. Currently the trail isn't very usable, so I would not advise using it until it has been connected through all the street intersections. It's a great thing to be witnessing this changing of the landscape here in the Garland/Mesquite area.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bike To Work Day Recap

This morning, Bike Friendly Garland helped out at the DART Downtown Garland Station Bike Commuter Recharge Station.  Along with myself, Robert Cherry came out for BFG, and Mike McNair came out representing both BFG and DORBA.  Coffee was generously donated by the excellent Generator Coffee House just down the street in Downtown Garland.  Cliff Bars and KIND Energy Snacks pitched in as well, so we were well stocked for food.  Free bike tuneups and light repairs were provided by Don Johle's Bike World.  Good thing for that, because some people needed it!

DART, BikeDFW, and the city of Garland provided information, water bottles, t-shirts, bagels, and a lot of employees to make the event successful.  Garland's Transportation and Parks and Recreation Departments made a great showing, and really made an impression.  Let me just say that the DART and Garland employees we met were enthusiastic and on task.  I can tell that they love their jobs, and really believe in what they are doing.  That is refreshing and heartening.  Garland has some good people working hard to make things better.

BikeDFW played a significant role in organizing the event.  Most of the coordination between groups was facilitated by them.  They made sure we had food, water, volunteers, and bike maintenance on site.  The Recharge Stations wouldn't have been a success without them.  

There were a fair amount of people on bikes today.  Honestly, more than i expected to see.  People from all walks of life, and on all kinds of bikes.  Lots more people got to hear about cycling as a mode of transportation, and what DART and the City of Garland are doing to make that more accessible.  And you always meet interesting people near public transportation! 

Here's some more pictures below.  Hopefully others will share theirs.  Most of mine turned out not so good.  -Jared

Lucky day!  This gentleman is a daily bike commuter, and he had a flat this morning.

Opus, glad you could make it out!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bike to Work Day - May 17th

May 17th is National Bike to Work Day.  DART, BikeDFW, and the City of Garland are participating.   DART and BikeDFW will set up "Energizer Stations" to provide refreshments at various DART locations.  One of these Energizer Stations will be at the Downtown Garland Station.

Volunteers to help pass out water and other promotional items would be very much appreciated!   I'll be there early in the morning!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Bike Friendly Garland Weekly Rides

As the yo-yo Texas weather starts to let up around the Springtime, we are now about to have a window of a few months before the furnace known as summer comes along. With that being said we would like to kick off some weekly rides starting next week as long as the weather is permitting (no "official" rides will be done on rainy days).

Bike Friendly Garland is looking for volunteers to lead out group rides during the week through Garland and into other destinations from Garland. On our itinerary is  a weekend ride to White Rock Lake, a ride to Sunnyvale, a night time ride, and possibly another themed ride. Anyone with the time who knows a bike route around Garland and would like to lead a ride is welcome to do so. All who wish to do so may send me a personal message to johnyace6(at) When approved, we will post all rides on our Events tab and we will create an event for the ride on our Facebook page.

I will be hosting a ride on Sunday mornings at 9:00am from Windsurf Bay Park to other destinations in Garland. The routes will vary each week and it will be set up as a ride to explore around Garland and the surrounding areas. Rides will be at a leisurely pace and up to four hours long. Rides may end much sooner depending on the group needs and general pace that the group wishes to ride. The ride will be a great opportunity to bring that vintage bicycle, hybrid or second bike that isn't being raced on. Anything goes and everyone is welcome to bring what they have for the occasion. I will post any updates or cancellations on our Facebook page. Please subscribe to our page by clicking on the highlighted link.

Time to dust off that winter form and go riding! See you next Sunday!


Please read the notice before deciding to participate on our weekly group rides.

As a reminder, please note that all who wish to participate are responsible for their safety and actions on the road. Please stay with the group. If there are physical limitations that prevent you from participating, please refrain from doing so. All who wish do participate on our group rides do so at their own risk and expense. Bike Friendly Garland nor any of it's members will be held accountable for any injury as a result of your participation. This is a public notice that serves to limit our organizers from any liability of injury. Bike Friendly Garland exercises it's right to assemble as a group of individuals  to promote the health of our community. We do not represent a legal or financial entity which can be held accountable for losses.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Traffic Skills 101 Class Summary

We had a great turnout at our traffic skills class today. We got to brush up on our vehicular cycling skills and learn some new ones. The morning session got off to a great start with our instructors bringing us some much needed coffee and breakfast. The morning program included drills on hand signaling, emergency stopping and turning, bicycle maintenance, lane control, as well as other tips on how to survey our surroundings while keeping control of our bicycle. The afternoon session put to practice on the road what we had learned with a short ride around Garland.

Bike Friendly Garland would like to thank all the instructors who took the time to teach today as well as members of Bike Friendly Richardson who made a showing and collaborated in the teaching effort. Special thanks to Don Jolhe's Bike World for allowing us to use their shop as a meeting place and DART rail for allowing us to set the obstacle course on their transit center. It was a very successful event, and we look forward to having more events like these on our calendar in the future.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

TS101 Online Coursework Is Available Now!

If you are planning to take the Traffic Skills 101 course, you must complete the online coursework before the live instruction on February 2nd.  You can do this at your leisure, and you may stop and start where you left off.

The online course is available at  Per our instructor, "When you register, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the DALLAS area as your location in the pull down menu."

We hope to see you there on February 2nd!  I'll be posting an update with a location soon.  -Jared