Friday, December 21, 2012

Traffic Skills 101

Garland can be an intimidating place to ride for a lot of cyclists.  Part of that is perception.  I have taken several cyclists on their fist ride across Garland, and they have all been surprised at how easy it is.  A bigger reason is that we were never really taught how to ride with traffic.  We all took driver's ed, but who among us has taken cycling education?  We are bringing a Traffic Skills 101 course to Garland!  The hands on portion of the course is on February 2nd, at 8:00 AM.  Location is still TBD, so please check our Events page for updates.  It's going to be a fun day!

Course Description: Traffic Skills 101 (TS101) gives cyclists the confidence they need to ride safely and legally in traffic or on the trail. Through TS101, students learn how to conduct bicycle safety checks, fix a flat, on-bike skills and crash avoidance techniques. We recommended this class for adults and children above age fourteen. The curriculum is fast-paced, nine-hours, and prepares cyclists for a full understanding of vehicular cycling. TS101 is a League of American Bicyclists (LAB) course.

Mike Freiberger, DORBA's (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) Commuter Coordinator, has volunteered to be our instructor. As DORBA's Commuter Coordinator, Mike is authorized to include one year memberships in DORBA with the price of the course. Mike is a LAB League Cycling Instructor.

This course is being offered to us for $25 each, which is a 50% discount.  It consists of 9 hours of instruction.  The fist four hours are online, and can be completed any time before the class on February 2nd.

After completing this course, you'll have the skills to take the Garland streets more safely and with confidence.  We hope that you'll be empowered to bike whenever you want, and wherever you want.  -Jared


  1. I have been a cyclist for over 6 years now and I believe that Garland must educate the public on how to drive with Cyclists on the road. I had too many close calls on the streets in Garland and have stopped riding here. I have been a resident in Garland since 91 and have never seen anything printed! Same on the city~

  2. Lefty, you are correct. The public does not know how to drive with cyclists on the road. One of the biggest barriers to changing this is that the public doesn't even know that bikes are allowed on the road. I think that will change as more "shared the road" and "may use full lane" signage goes up.

    There are things a cyclist can do to improve his visibility and safety, but he cannot control a driver. We should be sure that we are doing all that we can on our part though.

    I admit that I'm selective about where I ride here. A lot of the major streets here can run at near highway speeds with lots of lane changes and jockeying for position towards the next light. All to start the race to the next light all over again. I have little interest in playing that game on a bike. Fortunately, I've been able to find reasonable alternatives for most places I've wanted to go.

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