Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas on the Square 2012

The Generator Coffee House and Bakery
Downtown Garland
What a perfect night for a ride!  Bike Friendly Garland's second official ride was a lot of fun.  The weather could not have been more pleasant.  We had a total of 12 riders come out for the ride, though we lost a couple riding a tandem on the way to two flat tires.  Bummer.  They had a nicely decorated bike.

We came in two groups.  One left from the north side of town at Firewheel Mall, and the other group left from the south side of town at Duck Creek Park.  Both groups met downtown in front of The Generator Coffee House and Bakery.  This is a very nice coffee house, by the way.  They've done an excellent job with it.  

Shortly after everyone arrived, the countdown to the tree lighting began.  The square was lit beautifully, and there was a short fireworks display.  After that, we walked around to check out the food and booths.  A few of us locked up our bikes in front of The Generator, and went in for a hot drink.

Several of us decorated our bikes with lights and other decorations, which were a big hit with some people at the event.  Kids especially liked our bikes.  I heard one young girl begging her parents for a bike after she saw ours.  A future cyclist!

Here's some more pictures from the event:


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