Monday, November 12, 2012

North-South Bike Route Update

I sent an email to the city of Garland's Transportation Department thanking them for the new signs we're seeing along Duck Creek and Gleenbrook, and asked about maps and future bike routes.  I received a response from Dave Timbrell, the Transportation Operations Manager.  He says that at this time, this is the only bike route that has been established, but as time and funding permit, others will be developed as well.  He also sent me this map of the North-South Bike Route that is currently under development:

Detailed with the type of infrastructure being put in place today.
Of interest in this map are the different types of markings being put in.  Most of route will have "May Use Full Lane" signs, a section of Glenbrook will only be shared lanes (it's only two lanes at that point), and there will be a separate bike lane painted from Miller into Downtown on Glenbrook.

Also currently being designed (which we previously reported on) are the connectors to Garland's Duck Creek Trail, Mesquite under I-30, and Breckinridge Park in Richardson.

Let's take advantage of this.  Let's be seen using it.   -Jared

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