Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garland Has Bike Lanes!

Garland has bike lanes now, and they are pretty nice!  On Glenbrook Dr., between Miller Rd. and Main St. Downtown, the city of Garland has striped about a mile and a half of bike lanes.  If you've ridden this way before, you'll know that this is the part of Glenbrook that opens up to four lanes and carries some high speed traffic.  Not anymore.

The city has added bike lanes and reduced the car lanes to two.  I think the traffic is noticeably more tame now.  The bike lanes are nice and wide,  and the pavement is in good shape the entire way.  I rode these lanes last night, and did not feel squeezed at all between the curb and car traffic.  It was a very comfortable ride.  Thank you Garland Department of Transportation!  -Jared

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