Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Official Bike Friendly Garland Ride

BFG riders from right to left: Tim, Rik, Jared and Johnny
 On a crisp 40 degree October morning, overlooking a sparkling lake with the fog in our horizon, a group of four determined riders that included me met for a ride through Garland. The purpose of this ride was to see if it was possible to ride the length of Garland from Windsurf Bay Park all the way into Downtown. We also wanted to see if this could be done safely. Our results were very surprising.

Once we started to move our legs the cold weather became more manageable. We were able to get to the Duck Creek Greenbelt from Rowlett road and took this multiple use pathway all the way to Centerville Road. From Centerville we were able to get into a residential neighborhood then on to Fifth Street. Fifth Street took us into the heart of Downtown Garland.

We stopped for some grub at a mom and pop breakfast diner called Hubbard's Cupboard. This place was really old timey in appearance and I also liked how they had an outdoor seating area. They are about one bike rack away from being a bike friendly business. Any ideas?

Hubbard's Cupboard- The happening place
We ate, now we are ready for the ride!

 After breakfast at Hubbard's we headed back to our starting point. We took Glenbrook Road and were amazed at the city's progress in posting signage to make road users aware of cyclists.  On our first ride through Garland, we noticed no such signs. All along Glenbrook and Duck Creek Road, we saw freshly planted "Share the Road" and "May use full lane" signs. There was even a driver who honked at us to get out of her way as we passed one of these signs. I pointed to her, then I pointed to the sign, and the problem was solved. She knew she had to share the road with us.

"Share the Road" signs like these are becoming commonplace in Garland.

"We took a picture of this sign because it was funny"

I never thought I would see one of these  in Garland. Great progress!
We are looking forward to doing more rides like this on a regular basis. For those who weren't able to attend this ride, there will be other opportunities in the near future. On our list of proposed rides are riding to White Rock Lake and riding from Garland to Sunnyvale. Stay tuned and check out our events page for more information as well as weekly group rides.

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