Monday, September 3, 2012

North-South Bikeway Progress

The North-South Bikeway is what the city of Garland refers to in its documents as its portion of the coming Mesquite-Garland-Richardson Bikeway.  Read more about the North-South Bikeway in the 2012 Capital Improvement Plan.

This map has several items on it, but anything that looks like a railroad  is the bikeway.  Red, blue, and black.

In June, the contract for the design of two off street sections of the bikeway was awarded to local firm BW2 Engineers, Inc..  The first section is a connector from the Duck Creek Trail to Mesquite under I-30.  The second section is a connector from the Duck Creek Trail under Centerville Rd. to Glenbrook Dr.  Both sections include bridges over Duck Creek.  You can read the PDF of the Council's agenda here to find out more on the specifics of this contract.

These are the two pieces being designed today.

Since the North-South Bikeway will continue to use the bike route on Glenbrook, this connector will make getting there a lot easier.  Today, if you follow the "bike route" signs, you have to cross Centerville,  go up 1st street, take a left on Woodbury, curve up Ridgedale, take a left on Kingsley,  and finally take a right on Glenbrook.  With the connector in place, it's a much straighter shot, and best of all, there's no traffic signals or stop signs.

This is actually happening.  According to the city's tentative project schedule, construction should begin  in March of 2013.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Eventually, the North-South Bikeway will be a combination of on and off street facilities that will extend from Mesquite to Richardson's Breckenridge Park.   Inside Garland, it will connect to parks, Downtown, and even Firewheel mall.  What better place for bikes than an outdoor mall?  -Jared


  1. Welcome Bike Friendly Garland!! (Bike Friendly McKinney)

    1. Thank you for the support and the write up on your page. We hope you can make it out to our official group ride on October the 28.