Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Proposed Route- Lake Ray Hubbard to Downtown Garland Station

Here is a proposed route where there are few areas with speeds above 40mph. The purpose of this route is to link by bicycle those who live on the Lake Ray Hubbard side of Garland to the downtown Garland station. This would be a good target area to place bike lanes or share the road signs.

Here is a map of the proposed route starting at Windsurf Bay Park and finishing on Main Street in Garland.

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  1. Nice to see this site up! I was just thinking there really should be a "Bike Friendly Garland", and searched for it.

    As for the route, don't forget the MUP you can hit from Duck Creek at Greenbelt near the Dart Park and Ride. That goes almost all the way to Centerville for some nice car and traffic light free riding. The downside is it can be crowded with completely oblivious walkers.

    Do you know anything about the proposed "North South Bikeway"? That was supposed to extend the duck creek MUP to some other MUP, all the way to Richardson and Down to around Town East Mall. That would really make getting around Garland a lot easier by bike. I have heard nothing about that since it was proposed a few years ago.

  2. Hi Bluebull,

    I haven't heard about the North South Bikeway yet. This would be a really interesting topic to discuss in the future. Thanks for sharing. We really need to find ways to link the current multi-use pathways to Richardson, White Rock Lake and other bike friendly destinations. This site is for anyone to share their thoughts and provide some input.

  3. Cool! I'm in the south east part of Garland (Duck Creek, O'Banion, La Prada, and Oates area) and on a bike, I feel really cut off from the other parts of town and the Metroplex.

    The former council member Douglas Athas had some info about the North South bikeway on his blog. There was supposedly some NCTOG money, but it has apparently been delayed.


    I think the council was supposed to vote on putting money towards it this year, but I don't know what they decided.

  4. Found this from the city council minutes of June 5th, 2012:

    4. Approved** Consider by minute action authorizing the City Manager
    to execute an engineering services contract with BW2
    Engineers, Inc. The 2012 approved Capital Improvement
    Program includes funding to design and construct a
    bikeway from the north city limits to the south city limits.
    A contract has been negotiated with a local firm, BW2
    Engineers, Inc., to design the off-road portions of the
    bikeway for an estimated amount of $181,400. The
    improvements will include a concrete bikeway complete
    with two bridge crossings over Duck Creek.

    That is promising. Who knows how long it will take to go from planned to built though.

  5. -Bluebull

    That's good news, something to share with us on our Facebook page. I will make sure to include the Bikeway Plan as well. If you would like to follow us on Facebook, just go to the following link.

    Since you are local I would like to extend you the opportunity to contribute to this page. Contact me with your email. My contact information is on the "Get Involved" page of the site.