Thursday, August 23, 2012

Existing Infrastructure - Garland's Only Bike Route

This post will probably wrap up our look at Garland's existing bike infrastructure.  Two posts.  That was easy!  You may have seen some green "Bike Route" signs while riding or driving around, but weren't really sure where they went.  I couldn't find a map, but I made one that you can find on our Maps page.

There's a full MapMyRIDE interactive map on our Maps page
As far as I know, this is Garland's only designated bike route.  Let us know if there's another one out there somewhere.  I asked the city of Garland if there were other routes in the city and if there were any maps.  Their response really didn't answer my question specifically, but the gist was that this is old, and will be superseded by the new Mesquite-Garland-Richardson Bikeway.  It's only a guess at this point, but my bet is that once the bikeway is completed, these on street signs will come down.  I'll update as I learn more about this.

So, how is the riding on this route today?  Not bad, actually!  It's right at about 10 miles from the southern end at Duck Creek Dr. and Broadway to the northern end on Apollo.  There are some long stretches of road that you can really get up to speed on.  Make no mistake, there is some fast moving traffic on parts of this route.  This goes without saying to the more experienced cyclists out there, but you absolutely, positively, must take and control your lane.  The drivers we encountered were courteous and respectful along this route.  Maybe it was the occasional green "Bike Route" sign that made us more welcome by drivers, or maybe it was the occasional sign that just made me feel more welcome.  Who knows, but we encountered no bad behavior on the route.  

Is it "Bike Friendly"?  It depends on what you mean by that.  It's friendly enough for me, and I'm certainly no hard-core roadie.  Would I send "Aunt Tillie" out on a comfort bike with grocery panniers to the store on this route?  Absolutely not.  At least, not for the northern 2/3rd's of it.  In my opinion, the speed differential is just too great.  We need all types of riders needs represented here.  "Aunt Tillie" should have as much freedom and confidence to ride as the spandex-clad road warriors.  I think that is Bike Friendly.  -Jared


  1. Thanks to John Clary over on the Facebook group page who pointed out that there used to be more routes, but the signs have been taken down as work has been performed on the streets. I did confirm via Google Street view that there are still a couple of bike route signs on Miller. One is at 1st street, and the other is at Centerville.

  2. I couldn't tell from your map but from my rides the bike route continues north up Glenbrook from Downtown to Beltline, about a half mile on Beltline to Century Park Dr. and then on the Apollo bike route until Garland Rd.

  3. Yep. That's the route we took and mapped out.

    Opus, do you have any preferred routes you've worked out that you'd like to share? We can put it up on our maps page.

  4. Well, from where I live to downtown I take Pleasant Valley to Mars, Mars to Castle, Castle to First, a jog on First to get to Range. Range to Fourth, Fourth to Walnut, another jog on Walnut to Fifth, then Fifth takes me into downtown Garland right by City Hall. My church is right down Main from Fifth, so I take this route frequently to get to the social activities at the church.

  5. Thanks! I created a map and put in on our Maps page.