Saturday, August 4, 2012

Envision Garland- The 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

 Upon doing a little  research, we found that the City of Garland has taken some steps towards revitalization and promoting alternative forms of transportation. The Envision Garland plan was just passed this year by City Council and is expected to run through 2030. Sections 6-5 to 6-9 of the plan describe a goal of having complete streets and wider sidewalks for pedestrian use as well as bike lanes.

The section of redevelopment of certain buildings describe that these buildings will have to be brought up to code to accommodate mixed use for office and retail space. It doesn't clarify whether they will use single use zoning practices if the buildings cannot be brought up to code.

To learn more about the Envision Garland Plan, please visit their webpage.

Let's make it clear that we need these sections of the plan to be implemented sooner than 2030. We can best represent the demand by letting our bicycles do the talking.


  1. I have been leaning on the City Council for years trying to get a Bike/Ped Master Plan, what's in the 2030 Plan is more like a broad overview than an actual plan.

  2. Opus, you are correct. The 2030 plan in its entirety is more of a vision than a plan with specifics. The good news about that is, there's still lots of time to weigh in about the specifics.

    On page 8-9, action item 11, one of the steps listed to be completed is: "a) Complete a map of existing and proposed bicycle and pedestrian-accessible routes within
    the community"

    Is that something you might be able to help with? I don't think the city would mind at all to get some input from the cyclists who are actually riding the routes. One of my ideas is that we can crowd source some maps of workable bike routes using existing infrastructure. If we share those, then it makes it easier for more of us to get around town by bike. If more of us are seen taking these same routes, it becomes easier to have them included in an official plan. Besides that, it's just a good idea anyway. There's always tips and tricks to share about the best routes, and a somewhat centralized repository for those (a Garland cycling atlas?) would help a lot of people get riding.

    Thanks for stopping by!