Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BFG needs Your Input

We are looking for contributors that can write discussion topics from different parts of Garland. Garland is a big city, and we need those living in different parts of the city to add their input on their cycling experience. If you have links to bicycle routes please feel free to share them.

Bike Friendly Garland will start it's focus on the Southeast corner of Garland. Home to Don Jolhe's Bike World and Lake Ray Hubbard. From here there will be rides scheduled and events planned initially. As we increase our knowledge of the city, more events throughout Garland and even along the DART rail line will be included. See our Maps section for more information about the different areas in Garland.

There are also maps on the City of Garland's website and there is even a map of the "green" projects currently being undertaken.

There are many highway development projects along the lake in this part of Garland. One proposed development project even has some of it's residents furious as a major toll road is being expected to pass between highway 30 and 80, potentially wiping out an entire community of people. 

Here's what we can do. Let's map out this area to include bicycles routes and link all the places that are accessible by bike. As we venture north we can include Main Street to the west and the Firewheel Mall area to the east. Let's plan the routes and use them. 



  1. Welcome, Garland!

    As a rider from the North (Plano!) I ride through Garland many weekends. My group ran into some of your Don Johl riders a few weeks ago near the shop.

    I am part of BikeDFW, and we hope you will link to us, as we will to you.


  2. Hi, good to see the interest in cycling in Garland. I live near Duck Creek and Oates. I've really enjoyed cycling in the whole DFW area. I rode the Don Johle's Saturday morning ride a couple of years, and have more recently been riding with Lone Star Randonneurs and Greater Dallas Bicyclists.

    One observation is that the Duck Creek Greenbelt is great for riding 12 mph, but if you actually want to go anywhere, just stay on Duck Creek Drive. You can go across Centerville, turn left at the "Bike Route" sign, take that road to Kingsley, dodge a block west, then go up Glenbrook for miles. Where Glenbrook runs into Beltline, you can dodge north a bit and get onto Apollo and head on east that way.

    One issue with riding "in Garland" is that a lot of the good riding will take you right out of Garland, too. Both the Don Johle's Saturday morning ride and the Greater Dallas Bicyclist ride out of Poteet head out East Fork Road into Sunnyvale and Mesquite. Or periodically, I'll head down Wynn Joyce to Barnes Bridge Road, and follow one of the on-road bike routes on down to White Rock Lake. I've made a few loops where I went out Pleasant Valley Road and came back in via Rowlett Road, which took me through Rowlett.

  3. Howdy, Neighbor! I also live near Duck Creek and Oates. Yesterday, Johnny and I rode the "Bike Route" from Duck Creek at Broadway all the way up Glenbrook through the end of Apollo. My thoughts on it are that it is pretty good riding for someone who can maintain a reasonable speed for a distance, and someone who is reasonably confident riding with fast moving cars. I'm not sure how it ranks as far as "Bike Friendliness" though. We rode it sometime around 5:30 PM, so the traffic was heavier than what you might find earlier in the afternoon. We'll have a write up on that trip posted in the next few days or so.

    How I'm personally looking at what is "Bike Friendly" is this: Could the average person (i.e. non randonneur :)) riding a comfort bike put on panniers and run errands around town? I don't think that most people would even try it without some bike specific infrastructure to help them along the way.

    Thanks for stopping by! Come on out for our inaugural ride on October 28th!